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Georgia Peach

A Special Photo for GP from Me for Valentines Day although a little late as I forgot.


Hi I am the friend of Jimby's from Georgia and you know what I AM A GIRL JIMBY!!! I found you on the web -- loved your website! You're very photogenic. Did you know the name Jimby could be a girl's name, too? I was given to my girl when she was just a tiny baby, and we have been best friends ever since. Jimby's girl as I call her loves me so much that we even had Jimby cupcakes made especially for her to take to school! I go everywhere, of course and am now 10 years old

georgia Peach all dressed up

She loves dressing me up and often in the same kind of clothes she wears. I love it

Georgia Peach travelling in the car

I am always travelling around but that pest of a Duck often tries to spoil the photographs.

Dear Jimby UK,

You won't believe what happened to us this morning! Shall I tell you about it? I think I shall -- you'll be proud of me.

As we backed out of our driveway this morning to take my girl to school, I heard a funny sound. I immediately asked Mom to stop so that I could investigate. She knows what good ears I have, so she pulled over, I jumped out, and right there on the back side was a flat tire! (I think you might spell it tyre. Anyway...)

Well, I was worried that Mom and my girl would fall completely apart because (honestly) they're just not used to not having a man around... I quickly took control of the situation and assured them that everything would be all right! I helped Mom get the car back into the drive by giving her hand signals (she's not good at backing up -- can be quite embarrassing).

I was afraid my girl would be late for school -- can't have that on her record after only one week! I quickly dialed a friend close by, who was nice enough to come give her a ride! Aren't I resourceful?

Having that taken care of, I called my girl's dad, who told me that he would come, but I said, "No! I can do it myself!" He believed I could. I have you to thank for this, Jimby UK, because I only knew it was possible because I had seen your pictures when you were nice enough to change that tire for someone while Mick and Ann were inside the restaurant. (I sometimes get left behind to watch the car, too.) So, Dad said if I would get the manual out of the glove box, that the directions would be easy for me to follow but to call if I needed help.

Long story short: I did it! I won't bore you with all the details because you know exactly how to change a tire/tyre yourself. Let me just say this -- I did need Mom's help getting the tire out of the back and then putting the spare on because those darn things are heavier than they look! Don't you agree?

Pardon my boasting -- I'm quite humble, really -- but Jimby (that's me) SAVED THE DAY!!!!!

((((((((Jimby UK))))))))))


P.S. But wait! A big thank-you to you for talking about me on your website! I'll bet a lot of other girl monkeys (Jimbies or not) will be sad to hear that you have a girl. They may even be slightly jealous! Anyhow, I love it! And, I can't WAIT to show my girl!!!!! ;) Does Mr. Mick know about me yet? How about Ann?