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Jimby (James but I prefer Jimby) Tulsa USA

Re-Located to Jerusalem August 2008

Now back in Tulsa January 2010

I am one of Jimby UK's Cousins and live in Tulsa. Jimby has now let me have my own menu and we just hope it lets you other Jimby's get around easier. I'm sure his girlfriend Jimby Georgia Peach in Atlanta will also be after the same for after all she is so special to him.

So now the buttons on the left will lead you straight to my journeys and my thoughts as a true Jimby - Clever, Kind Inquistive, Scheming and so Adorable.

James Jimby looking very inteligent

At times I can be smart and inteligent.

James on his Harley Davison

Just had to show the other side of me - King of The Open Road

James wishes his arms were longer

If only I could reach the handlebars

From Jimby Tulsa

Hi Jimby,

I was surfing the internet, and I came across your Jimby webpage. That must be one of my English cousins. However, I see that all Jimbys are alike.
You wrote, "I am a true friend who is always around when needed and often when not. To Ann I am often seen as bit of a pest and a poser." That sounds like me. I am very sassy and a bit of a know-it-all, or so I am told, but I always lend support to my step-father and step-mother. My step-father is my best friend, and I like to say that we went to university together (but, unfortunately, I never graduated).

Anyway, I thought that I would send you some photos of me - I like to think of myself as a classy (stuffed) monkey. Please give my best wishes to all the English Jimbys.

Fondly, Jimby Monkey PS: I tell people that "James Monkey" is my legal name, but I do prefer "Jimby."