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Jimby (James but I prefer Jimby) Tulsa USA

March 2007 in Arizona

Dear Cousin,

Boy, do I have lots to tell about Phoenix! We went hiking, and I got carried up mountains. In one photo, you can see a mountain range behind me. In the other photo, you can see the city of Phoenix below the mountain. (Notice the smog in the right background above the city!)

The hiking was great, but then it got really hot. By the end of the week, it was 99 degrees! I was so hot that it was suggested that I take my tee-shirt off. I was going around nude like those naturists (except for my bow-tie). I decided to stay inside the flat which had air-con.

On our way home our bags got lost. It took a day for them to arrive. Naturally, I traveled in the cabin, so I wasn't late. We had a little incident with the TSA at the airport, but they had no problems with a stuffed monkey. They objected to some anti-itch cream. Next time you come to the States, be sure you don't have any tubes of cream or liquids unless they're in a small, self-sealing plastic bag.

Jimby Tulsa in  Phoenix Arizona

The Lady who let you buy Josh Jimby and Baby Jamie Jimby was so nice in helping the Jimby family stay together. He he he. You're so funny! letting them get in mr and Mrs Mick's bed to recover from the flight fom Canada.

Yes, American Mother's Day is in May, but I don't really celebrate it. My mother is back in China somewhere. according to my birth certificate attached to me. He he He. But I might help pick out a gift for my grandmas.

When you go to London and Covent Garden remember Junglie was bought from a shop on the lower level, down some stairs. Don't trip walking down the stairs with your little monkey legs.

Jimby (back in) Tulsa

Jimby Tulsa in  Phoenix Arizona