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Greece 2006

James Planning trip to Grece

Sorry james I forgot to put this one on the website. You look so cool planning everything and must be so appreciated when holiday time comes round.

James sightseeing in Greece

Latest from James on his trip to Greece in April 2006. he does get about and always sends some good photo's.

James sightseeing in Greece

He is sending some more details as I lost the e Mail after saving the photo's

James sightseeing in Greece

Even I wouldn't fancy sitting on the edge of that cliff. remember he mentioned the Accropalis or something like that

james on the balcony in Greece at Easter

At last in September 2007 the missing photo's. What a view though and Easter as well.

James on balcony wiht a view

Not many places like this room with a view

James sightseeing in Greece

That's more like it and thanks Jimby Tulsa

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